Agricultural Development

How we support agriculture

Despite the existing challenges, the agricultural sector has a number of opportunities that if utilized effectively will lead to increased production and productivity and thus act as a basis for poverty alleviation in rural areas. The main opportunities include:
i) Abundant natural resources (land, water) and different agro-ecological zones;
ii) Comparative advantage in the production of various crops including non- traditional crops;
iii) Expanding domestic, regional and international market opportunities for various agricultural commodities. Tanzania can take advantage of global food crisis to expand production of major food crops for the export market;
iv) Growth of agribusinesses and medium to large-scale farms provide opportunities for creating partnerships with small farmers as well as creating a more dynamic rural jobs market;
v) Considerable number of existing agricultural research institutions for development of agricultural experts and technologies;
vi) Existence of favourable policies for agricultural development; and
vii) Existence of institutional reforms for improving efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of public services.