KENCE Foundation

KENCE Foundation is a non-government organization that focuses on community empowerment. We are happy to know that you are among the many individuals who are advocating the rights of the community.

Our Mission

To enable youth and other members of the community to 
utilize any opportunity available to improve their life.

Our Vision

To make a healthy and economically stable community, living in a conducive environment with a better livelihood.

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Kence Foundation appreciates the time and effort you are willing to spare to collaborate and support the community.
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Get to Know

1. To promote the knowledge and technical know-how on creating employment opportunities in order to enable the youth to have
good living standards.
2. To advocate the youth's involvement in utilizing the wealth which is available in their community for their economic development.
3. To raise awareness on environmental conservation in order to preserve natural environments for the current as well as the future
4. To empower the youth on facilitating access to Heath services to children, women, and old people, especially the vulnerable
5. To empower youth and the community in general to conducting researches, baseline surveys on different agricultural issues.

Youth Empowerment for Economic Development.

Our target areas

Youth Empowerment

Economic Development

Agricultural Development

Environment Conservation

Community Health